DubVibes 029 – Happy 420

Hello and welcome to DubVibes 029, I made a mistake by going to the Dutch language so I change it back to English…. Always a good thing to speak more than one language

I have 2 new EP’s one from I-Lodica and one from Mikus, the latest Infrabuse track and a sweet Dubology track.

We start with “Start Getting Excited” from Infrabuse
I-Lodica’s EP “Separation = Illusion” came out just 2 day’s ago on the Dubbhism netlabel

“South of the river Rhine”
“Fight the lie”
“Melodica on Fyah” is available as a free download on Soundcloud
“Snowman special”
“Cold feet”

“hot melodica & ice cold dubb”
buy at juno ~ boomkat ~ beatport ~ amazon ~ zero” etc.

Mikus “Remembrance Dub” came out on the Planet Terror Records net label

“Dub for Alicia”
“Ephemeral Dub”
“Tian Tan Dub”
Download legal and for Free at archive.org

We end this episode with a track from DuBoLoGy “DuBoLoGy meets Shan a Shan” get it on SoundCloud

Thanks for listening everybody, thanks to the artists and labels for giving me the opportunity to play this, thanks to Tony DubShot for sending me the tracks from I-Lodica, I hope you enjoyed this episode, if you did spread the vibes by telling a friend to tell a friend..

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I’ll talk to you on the next DubVibes
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DubVibes Dubisode 017

Welcome Dubheads, a really fresh Dubisode 017 this time with a lot of sick shit, Enjoy!!
I heard 1000 BPH on the StartledBunny podcast, went to pick’m up to play it for you and found some more!

Most tracks in this Dubisode came from IODAPromonet
Click the song title to download

3 tracks came from SoundCloud

We end the show with a track from the just released FreshPoulp album “DubTentacles Vol2″
Ain’t that cool, I played “DubTentacles Vol1″ in Dubisode 016, the next day this came out….



1000 BPH
“Some Man From India” (mp3)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

1000 BPH
“Icelander” (mp3)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

“Ghost Hardware” (mp3)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

Liquid Stranger
“Deep Down Below” (mp3)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

“ETG” (mp3)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

Bird of Prey, Random
“Sub Tropics” (mp3)

Buy at iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

“Chizzle Fried Grizzle” (mp3)

iTunes Music Store
More On This Album

EchoDubTrio “Sweetleaf” and “Felippe Senne Remix”

Infrabuse “What’s He Building? (infraBuse Remix)”

Volfoniq “Skango dos (feat. Federico de Gennaro)” NetLabel

Thanks for listening, I’ll talk to you on the next Dubisode
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Don’t forget to check the StartledBunny podcasts

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DubVibes Dubisode 016

Long time ago right? Sorry…..
Still had this laying around somewhere, forgot to post it.
Recorded Live on iJoyRadio on January 5 2010.

A Whole album + a bonus track by InfraBuse

TRACKLIST from the album, but on the podcast I changed the order a little:

Dubzoic – Let There Be Dub (ITALIA) MySpace
Firuzaga – Serious Jokah (TURKEY)
I&I Djangdan – Culture Tree (SOUTH KOREA)
Bandulu Dub Meets Pop-I & Obed Brinkman and Junior Echo  – Long Hair Man (PORTUGAL)
Dubosmium Feat. Dubzoic – Step By Step (MOROCCO)
Daily Bread Dub – Good Over Evil (USA)
Riddim Conference – Cool Steppin (JAPAN)
Dubalizer Feat. Nell & Mc Bing Man – Soldiers Of Dub (BRAZIL)
Kukan Dub Algan – Dovevation For Live (ISRAEL) MySpace
Intergalaktik Sound – Liberation (FINLAND)
Dove Dub Sound System Meets Zacheous Jackson – There A Jah Jah (POLAND)
Le Chaudron Magique – Dybadub (Fresh Poulp Edit) (FRANCE) MySpace

Label   : Fresh Poulp Records
Album : DubTentacles vol.1


InfraBuse “Timing is everything” (BELGIUM)
From the EP “A State Of Mind”

Thank you all for listening, downloading and subscribing, I hope you liked it.
Thanks of course to the artists and labels for letting me share this with you.
Follow the links to the artists for listening to more of their music.

Talk to you on the next Dubisode….

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