DubVibes 027

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Hi and welcome, not much time to do this but I had to play this for you
Two new EP’s came out on the LCL net label and I could not wait and listen to it just by myself
First one is “Money No Mystic” Variations on the Volfoniq’s “Mystic” the second one is from Mildtape and is called “Dub Alpina” 2 excellent EP’s you gotta go and download from the LCL website, follow the links below to do so…..

Here it is … Enjoy!!

“Au Royaume de la monnaie” feat. Unity Vibration
“Manifesto” feat. Bankil
“Digital System feat. Garage Firm

Download the whole EP here at LCL

Mildtape “Dub Alpina”

“Extent the foot”
“Blankets Dissolve”
“Layer One”

Download the whole EP here on LCL

Thanks for listening and downloading, I hope you liked the tunes.
And if you did, tell at least one friend to tell a friend….

Big thanks also goes out to the artists for giving me the chance to share it with you, and to LCL for being there and doing such great things.

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I’ll talk to you on the next DubVibes
Spread the Vibes!!