DubVibes Dubisode 005 Dubmatix Special

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Hello and welcome to DubVibes Dubisode 005, The Dubmatix DubVibes Special.

Intro track in the background Drummie Dan “GunCrimeDub”

Today, April 10 the Dubmatix tour starts in Hildesheim, Germany.
The tour covers Germany, France, Belgium and Amsterdam, where I’ll be going, yeah, looking forward to that.
Check the Dubmatix website for the tour details.

I took 12 tracks from DubMatix from different albums like Renegade Rocker, Dread and Gold, Atomic Subsonic and Champion Sound Clash, mixed them up to a 45 minute DubMatix Extravaganza Special for you to keep and listen to over and over.



“Warning Recut”
“Are You Ready”
“Rock and a Hard Place feat. Pinchers”
“Shaolin Warrior”
“Happy Dub”
“Who a Di Boss”
“Dirt “Dust and Sand  Rewind”
“Jump Twist Dancehall Remix”
“War Peace”
“Depth Charge”

Thanks for listening, if you liked the show, please tell at least one of your friends about DubVibes.

Maybe you can bring some love to DubMatix, by telling him that you like what he does, maybe even buy or download some of his stuff, or come to one of the concerts…If you do, I hope you have a good time
Big respect also to Dubmatix, for sharing his music and giving me the opportunity to play it on DubVibes.

The music I played in this PodCast was legally downloaded or bought from Dubmatix.com and some are send to me by DubMatix.
Check Dubmatix also on Facebook, become a friend there and receive free tracks every now and than and other news about tours, recordings and special releases.
2 other places to check DubMatix are ReggaeDubWise where you can find many more great dub artists, also check Dubmatix at Myspace.

If you have any feedback or a comment, please let me know, you can do that by sending an e-mail to djypsy(at)gmail.com or use the DubVibes drop.io voicemail line @ (+01) 646 495 9204 wait for the prompt then dial 25817
You can also send me your own Dub tracks, just drop it @ the DubVibes drop.io box, or send it by mail.

Enjoy yourself, I’ll be bringing you more DubVibes in about 2 weeks.

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