DubVibes 009

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DubVibes 009 aired LIVE on iJoyRadio….

Last Tuesday, October the 13th, I did my first Live DubVibes and I must say…I had a lot of fun.
Also recorded the entire show (@ a low bitrate because I did not totally understand the program) and put it on the feed as well a few days later. I started DubVibes as a PodCast and it will always stay a PodCast don’t worry
It’s taking me a little more time right now but I think in a little while I get the hang of it and it will run like a charm.
I did a total live show of 2 hours, also did My 2 other podcasts StamPodCast and the XtraTranceCast, all 3 podcasts areĀ  about 40 minutes each.

More changes..

As you can see the ShowNotes are a little more simple/bare than before (time issue) I thought that you the listener just come here for the links to the artists or to subscribe to the podcast feed, so that’s what you get as for now.
There will also be a link to the schedule (as soon as it’s ready) so you can see when the show is live on iJoyRadio so you can listen and join me in the chatroom if you like to talk to about a band, a track or whatever.
At this moment My Podcasts are live from 5pm till 7pm Eastern standard Time, that’s 23.00 till 01.00 in Europe.

Something Xtra

On Wednesday I also do “MashUps & ReMixes” live on iJoyRadio, that’s 2 hours of mashups and remixes, did the first one last Wednesday the 14th of October, finally a chance to play and share this crazy shit, could never do that on My podcasts becouse of legal reasons, so if your curious tune in on Wednesdays from 3pm till 5pm EST or 21.00 till 23.00 in Europe, your more than welcome to do that.

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll get updates of the new DubVibes Dubisodes and the times I’m live on iJoyRadio.

That’s it for now, Enjoy and here’s your TrackList:

DubMatix a DubMatix Livemix “DubVibes Podcast”

Jahpapu “Dust dirt and sand in my hand”

DUBOSMIUM “Istandub” (Istandub rmx by Xena Supermoog)

IrationDubLab “Dropping Science” (early Irie Steppa Mix)

Volfoniq “Speakin Sex Magik”

Dub Terminator “Intro” and “Play This Dope Shit”

Thanks for listening/subscribing to the show, on iJoyRadio or on the podcast, I hope you liked it, I would also like to thank all the artists for giving me the oppertunity to play their music.

You can also find me or DubVibes atTwitter, BigContact, Soundcloud and ReggaeDubwise

If you have any feedback or a comment, please let me know, you can do that by sending an e-mail at djypsy(at)gmail.com

You can also send me your own Dub tracks, just drop it @ the DubVibes drop.io box, or send it by mail.