DubVibes 029 – Happy 420

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Hello and welcome to DubVibes 029, I made a mistake by going to the Dutch language so I change it back to English…. Always a good thing to speak more than one language

I have 2 new EP’s one from I-Lodica and one from Mikus, the latest Infrabuse track and a sweet Dubology track.

We start with “Start Getting Excited” from Infrabuse
I-Lodica’s EP “Separation = Illusion” came out just 2 day’s ago on the Dubbhism netlabel

“South of the river Rhine”
“Fight the lie”
“Melodica on Fyah” is available as a free download on Soundcloud
“Snowman special”
“Cold feet”

“hot melodica & ice cold dubb”
buy at juno ~ boomkat ~ beatport ~ amazon ~ zero” etc.

Mikus “Remembrance Dub” came out on the Planet Terror Records net label

“Dub for Alicia”
“Ephemeral Dub”
“Tian Tan Dub”
Download legal and for Free at archive.org

We end this episode with a track from DuBoLoGy “DuBoLoGy meets Shan a Shan” get it on SoundCloud

Thanks for listening everybody, thanks to the artists and labels for giving me the opportunity to play this, thanks to Tony DubShot for sending me the tracks from I-Lodica, I hope you enjoyed this episode, if you did spread the vibes by telling a friend to tell a friend..

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I’ll talk to you on the next DubVibes
Spread the Vibes!!

Irie Remix Contest for Leah Rosier

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I wanted to make a new DubVibes episode but instead I listened to the “remix contest for Leah Rosier’s choon titled ‘Irie’ ” I could not stop listening, Leah’s clear strong voice fits in all, dub, reggae, dubstep, future dub, in fact all the remixes that are send in so far …….. So …….. I choose 10 from: tanmateos, MFBD, yanzii, DuBoLoGy, caballo, Dubius-Jay, Digikal Roots, monolow, pyro one and LATA for you to enjoy here, for all the others go to the Soundcloud RemixContestPage there are about 20+ Enjoy!!

Here’s the original

leah rosier – irie by DUBBHISM

You can still get in the contest btw.
Submit your remix of ‘Irie’ to this group to enter the competition. Acapella, rules and hints at the official Irie Remix Contest page http://www.dubbhism.com/p/remix-contest-irie-by-leah-rosier.html

irie Bruno gipsy music remix by tanmateos

Leah Rosier – Irie (MFBD Remix) by MFBD

yanzii’s Leah Rosier – Irie Remix (re-new vocals) by yanzii

Leah Rosier – IRIE (DuBoLoGy Remix) by DuBoLoGy

Leah Rosier – Irie ( Caballo & Neki Stranac Turbulence Rmx) by caballo

Leah Irie remix contest by Dubius-Jay by Dubius-Jay

DIGIKAL ROOTS Meets Leah Rosier – Ir 1remixcontest – irie dubwise by Digikal Roots

Leah Rosier Irie (Monolow Steppadub Version) by monolow

Leah Rosier – Irie (pyro one’s Irie Bass Remix) by pyro one

Leah Rosier – Irie [Lata Remix] by LATA

The new DubVibes downloadable podcast episode #029 coming soon!!