DubVibes Dubisode 004

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Welcome to the 4th Dubisode of DubVibes.
DubVibes the #1 Independent PodSafe Internet Radio Podcasting Show from the Netherlands, where you hear the very best independent Dub artists from around the world, happily produced and hosted by DJypsy.

IntroTrack by IrationDubLab “ClashMiDub”  ReggaeDubWise

DubVibes Dubisode 004 Tracklist:

Screw-Jay “Unchanged lines”  Hungary  Jamendo
“LazyDub”  UK  MySpace
VSDrDub “zubrov-ska” (dr dub fever pitch)  FR NL  MySpaceVolfoniq
Mikey Dread
“Livin in the Jungle”  Jamaica USA  MySpace

ObsessionMikey Dread
“Livin in the Jungle” (mp3)
from “Obsession”
(Dread at the Controls)

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More On This Album

Jahtari Riddim Force “Enchantier”  collab from divers Jahtari artists
THC 1138    Ger  ReggaeDubWise
VolfoniqVsDrDub “Attaq of the dubber tomato”  FR NL  MySpaceVolfoniq
Drummie Dan “GUN CRIME DUB”  UK  ReggaeDubWise
David Pablo
Presenting the Escher Box !!!  USA  ReggaeDubWise
Disrupt “Samurai Showdown”   Ger.  ReggaeDubWise

Re-AmplifyJohn Brown’s Body
“The Gold (Dubmatix Runnin’ Remix)” (mp3)
from “Re-Amplify”
(Easy Star Records)

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More On This Album

Check the video that was made by this track

Dubmatix # 1 Dub master from Canada is touring in Europe starting April 10. TourList.
Go see this if You can, I’ll try to make a DubMatix DubVibes Dubisode Special before the tour starts…..

Thanks for listening, if you liked the show, please tell at least one of your friends about DubVibes.

And maybe you can bring some love to the artists, by telling them that you like what they do, maybe even buy or download some of their stuff.
Big respect also to all the artists, for sharing their music and giving me the opportunity to play it on DubVibes.
The music I played in this PodCast was legally downloaded from ReggaeDubWise, the PodsafeMusicNetwork, Magnatune, Jamendo, IODA Promonet, ideology.de and Versionist or send to me by the artists.

If you have any feedback or a comment, please let me know, you can do that by sending an e-mail to djypsy(at)gmail.com or use the DubVibes drop.io voicemail line @ (+01) 646 495 9204 wait for the prompt then dial 25817
You can also send me your own Dub tracks, just drop it @ the DubVibes drop.io box.

Enjoy yourself, smoke some of the holy plant, I’ll be back next week with more DubVibes.