DubVibes Dubisode 001

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Welcome to the very first Dubisode of DubVibes

DubVibes the Podsafe Podcasting internet radio show that brings the best independent Dub artists from the world to your home, hosted and produced by DJypsy.

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In every Dubisode I’ll play an intro track, than I’ll give you 10 tracks to enjoy, after the 9th track I’ll give you the full detailed tracklist and some more information, followed by the 10th track.


I used a piece of “TheFuture” by Zengineers for the DubVibes intro.


Intro Track; Irish Moss “MoreDubLessBullshit” ReggaeDubWise

555 “GunOne” Download.com
DubRise “DubSnorkel”
AlphaDub “TheTruthInDub”
wEron-Productions “Weed DnB”
BurningBabylon “RootsFiCool” Magnatune ReggaeDubWise
DubDivision “Bonus 14.13” ReggaeDubWise
555 “TrobbleWobble”
DocRemix “Dubborn” MySpace SecondLife
Blaminack “Vision of Dub” Blaminack Vs Lackatee and Dub Fx
DonP Don P meets Juno Gad Allstars – “Bird in Dub”

Thank you all for listening to this very first Dubisode of DubVibes, I hope you liked the show.

If you have feedback or a comment, please let me know, you can do that by sending an e-mail to djypsy(at)gmail.com or use the DubVibes drop.io voicemail line @ (+01) 646 495 9204 wait for the prompt then dial 25817
You can also send me your own Dub music, just drop it @ the DubVibes drop.io box.

Thanks to all the artists for sharing their music
All the music was legally downloaded from ReggaeDubWise, the PodsafeMusicNetwork, Magnatune, Jamendo, IODA Promonet, ideology.de and Versionist or send to me by the artists.

Hope to meet you on the next episode of DubVibes.