DubVibes Dubisode 007 LCL Notheen MixTape 1

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Welcome back to DubVibes Dubisode # 007, DubVibes the #1 Independent PodSafe Internet Radio Podcasting Show from the Netherlands, where you hear the very best independent Dub artists from around the world, happily produced and hosted by DJypsy.

Nicolas Sorbier from Volfoniq and LCL send me 3 Mixtapes already aired by Notheen Radio and gave me permission to putt them on the DubVibes feed just in case you missed it.
I’m going to putt all 3 mixtapes on the DubVibes feed, so look out for more of this in the future.

“Les Cristaux liquident, a two-heads association

Is a net label.
The aim of the netlabel is to contribute to the wide circulation of artists’ creations on the internet, for those who have opted for a free distribution.

As a result, artworks presented on this website can be copied, downloaded and diffused as long as there is no commercial use of them, according to…
LCL’s distinctive feature is to give “resident” artists and “guest artists” the opportunity to work on collaborative projects or creations of different kinds (remixes, collab-tracks, gigs…).

Is an events organizer.
LCL also invests unusual places, mixing music with emerging and independent forms of art, offering the artists the possibility to work on original approaches.”

All tracks are from LCL netlabel catalogue.
Uploaded on Archive.org. may 2009
Creative commons licence by-nc-nd 3.0 fr


Quantum Soul “Archetypal Dub” intro track

Volfoniq rmx Azzurro feat. STEPHANIE GRISEL : A love riddim (LCL14)
Azzurro rmx Volfoniq : Suoni sul tamburo canzone (LCL09)
HYQO rmx Volfoniq : Reactiv(ib)es_dub (LCL09)
Metastaz : Birth (LCL06)
Volfoniq rmx Azzurro : Gishiki dub (LCL09)
Volatil : Reggae para bebes (LCL10)
Volfoniq rmx Altai : Too much coffee (LCL04)
Dr Dub rmx Volfoniq : Forever blowin bubbles (LCL02)
Dr Dub rmx Volfoniq : Attack of the dubber tomato (LCL02)
Volatil : No bans (LCL10)
Dr Dub rmx Volfoniq : Zubrov-ska (outer space fever pitch) (LCL02)
Calm : Charlies (LCL03)

Please check the artists @ Les Cristaux liquident

Thanks to Nicolas, Notheen and LCL for giving me the chance to share this wickid tunes with you.
The music I played in this Dubisode are legally downloaded from archive.org .

Thanks for listening, i hope you liked this Dubisode, if you did please tell at least one of your friends about DubVibes, spread the DubVibes.

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Enjoy yourself, spread the DubVibes and I’ll be bringing you more DubVibes in about 2 weeks.