DubVibes Dubisode 019

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Hello and welcome to Dubisode 019, I found 2+ hours of chilly vibes for you, this time most tracks are  downloaded (legally) from ReggaeDubWise.com I also downloaded a few from Soundcloud.com On the Brokendrumrecords website you can find a lot of excellent music.. Go and check these sites for more excellent tunez and while you there, bring some love to the artists and say hi from me.

A pretty long Dubisode this time because I won’t do any Dubisodes during the summer, I’ll be back in September with of course again the best Dub you never heard before, in the meanwhile enjoy this Dubisode 019 and feel free to listen to/download the older Dubisodes.

Tracks are from: DubOffensive, Secret Archives of the Vatican, R-DUG, Phoniandflore, Raggattack, Shan a Shan, Speakah_Productions, Dubability and ALPHADUB_Project and Dub_Fx

Broadcasted and recorded live at iJoyradio on June the 16th during my “Wobbly Wednesday Show”


DubOffensive “Chat so much Dubstep”

Secret Archives of the Vatican “Maimonides’ Tomb” “Sari Saltaq” from the EP “Wisdom Truth”  Soundcloud

R-DUG “Jah Love” “Jahman Style” “Symphony of The Dream” “Bruce Lee” “Dub for the Woman” “Force Invaders” “Indus / Promo Angstrom”

Phoniandflore “NATTY WISE”

Raggattack “Saratoga Version”

Shan a Shan “Reggae symphonie” “Digital spear (French Tribute to Winston Rodney)”

Speakah_Productions “If a neva you”

Dubability “some like it dub” “chill ten minutes” “compassion dub” “der mann aus tarragona” “nan quan” “no bar dub” “salted butter”

ALPHADUB_Project “Strong like a Lion” “Down in Dub” “Hackle Yu Dub” “King Alpha Dub”

Secret Archives of the Vatican “A Bruised Reed (Andy Kisaragi remix)”

Dub_Fx “Fly With Me” from the album “Everythinks A Ripple”

Thanks for listening, downloading and or subscribing, I hope you liked this Xtra long dubisode..
Thanks also goes out to the artists for giving me the chance to share this music with you.

I’ll talk to you (after the summer) on the next Dubisode
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