DubVibes Dubisode 024

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Welcome to Dubisode 024

Loads of fresh tunes this time, great stuff for your ears and mind
Two EP’s came out last week, “Dreams and Visions” by The Secret Archives of the Vatican from the UK, you can download it free and legal from brokendrumrecords and “One dub many roots” by Mastermind XS, this one came out on the French net label LibreCommeLair, I’ll play 2 tracks from both EP’s.
I have some more dubbism from TonyDubshot and a few excellent tracks I found on Soundcloud


Transdub Massive “Negril To Kingston City Mi Nuh Waa Dat (feat. Tami Chynn)” Soundcloud

Mastermind XS “Memories of a machine” & “Stop that mission”

Chindub “A new way to Babylon”

Dub Bug “Slash Snare Riddim”

Echo Dub Trio “Wind blow and the sea of dub”

Shuriman “DC Project” & “Fire”

Boomski “Hippodrome de Pompadour” (Rembetiskank riddim)

Dubblestandart “Chrome optimism” (dubshot’s cosmic explosions redub)

Tony Dubshot “Nucular wheapons dub” & “Clint Eastwood speaks his mind”

Vuelo “as above oscillations 1”

Secret Archives of the Vatican “Children of Mars” & “Storyteller”

Thanks for listening and downloading, I hope you liked the tunes.
Big thanks also goes out to the artists for giving me the chance to share it with you.
Please bring some love to the artists, maybe you can go to their website and leave a comment telling them you like what they do, or go to a concert in your area.

I’ll talk to you on the next Dubvibes
Spread the word…..

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