DubVibes Dubisode 021

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Welcome to DubVibes Dubisode 021
As streamed live on iJoyradio on October the 6th

All tracks I have for you today are tracks I downloaded from reggaedubwise
But we start with a track that just came in via Soundcloud thanks to Vince from the Secret Archives of the Vatican.

Secret Archives of the VaticanBint al Wazir
A transNational drumstep breakbeat, wil be on an EP to be released shortly.

It looks like reggaedubwise.com is sold, it was for sale in the beginning of this week but i think it’s sold now and you never know with these things, could be over in a whim, but i have good hopes for the future of the greatest reggae music community on the web.


Meef Chaloin “The Ballmer Curve”

Ultrabase “Old time someting” ft. Solo Banton

Sassja “Ostavi da gori”

Agent Rasco “Days of our life” and “Senci”


MakaRon “Nuclear Fusion” feat.Ragga Twins and “Burning Land” feat.BASIA

In a few day’s I will upload the 2nd part of the RDW Dubisode, so keep an eye on it..

Thanks for listening and downloading, thanks also goes out to the artists for giving me the chance to share it with you.

I’ll talk to you on the next Dubisode
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